What You Get

Everything you want and need from your banking partner.

Checking Account & Debit Card

Your daily companion, your checking account lets you handle everyday expenses from the comfort of your phone. Swipe your Visa debit card to speed through checkout and access cash from ATMs nationwide and across the globe.

Security Savings

Security Savings Account

Saving towards a specific goal? Set monthly targets and track your progress with easy to use accountability tools. Plus, you can keep your savings intact with a secured credit line to use in emergencies and earn interest on your balance every month.

Line of Credit Icon White
Line of Credit Icon

Secured Line of Credit

Borrow up to 75% of your savings account balance and get easy access to money without dipping into your savings. And if your checking account can’t cover a purchase, your line of credit will kick in automatically so you’re never stuck without a way to pay.

Instant Transfers White
Instant Transfers

Instant Transfers and Payments

Send and receive money anytime. Split bills, send birthday gifts or pay the babysitter in just a few taps with unlimited transfers to and from Meed Members. You can even send money to those outside the Meed network who aren’t Members (yet).

Life Insurance

Protect what’s important. Get peace of mind with group life insurance coverage from third-party providers, included with your Meed Membership at no additional cost.

Get a little help saving for tomorrow. Our Meed Extras Network is made up of retail and service brands dedicated to investing in you and your financial future. When you use your Meed debit card at any of our Extras Partners, a percentage of your spend will either be deposited into your savings account or taken off as a discount.

SocialBoost: Earn Money Through The Power Of Community.

Let’s grow together.

As a Member, you’re part of something much bigger than a bank. When you invite someone who then joins Meed, you’ll earn money every month alongside our global community.

SocialBoost Community