Drive Extra Value

for your business, your customers and your workforce.

A revolutionary new program to benefit customers and employees while increasing revenue.

Added value for your business and beyond.

As a business leader, you’re always looking for ways to offer your customers—and your team—bigger and better benefits. Now there’s a way to give members of your business, and those individual customers you do business with, a new level of added value, while generating a residual income stream for your company.

Meet Meed, a 100% digital platform disrupting the traditional banking model. This all-in-one mobile banking powerhouse offers Meed users a way to manage their money and make some extra cash along the way through our first-of-its-kind SocialBoost program.

What does Meed mean for you? When your customers or employees join Meed at your invitation, our Corporate Member Program rewards your business with monthly SocialBoost earnings, which can be used to build benefits packages, enhance customer relations or improve revenues.

How it works.

Unlock the full potential of Meed’s Corporate Member Program.

Join Meed’s Corporate Member Program to become part of our growing global community.

Access digital marketing resources and assets provided by our affiliate, 6th Street Marketing, including all content and development for your business’ custom acquisition landing page.

Offer the Meed all-in-one digital banking platform to your employees and customer base.

For every person who joins Meed at your invitation, your business will earn a monthly income stream from Meed Member Banks. It’s that simple.

Available To Companies Big And Small

Meed will work with companies of over 500 employees and/or 10,000 customers to create specifically-designed marketing programs based on the sector, customer dynamics and the Corporate Member’s marketing objectives. Digital collateral required for the programs, including custom acquisition landing page, website banners, email campaigns, intranet content, social media content etc. will be provided.

Corporate Members of under 500 employees and/or 10,000 customers will have access to a full set of ‘off-the-shelf’ digital material which can be customized by each individual company to include their program specifics. Templates provided will cover landing pages, website banners, email campaigns, intranet content and social media content.

SocialBoost: Giving back.

Let’s grow together.

A patent-pending rewards and loyalty program focused on the concept of social sharing—a behavior that is second nature to the digital generation—SocialBoost is our way of giving back to the community.

Every month, all Meed Member Banks around the world contribute to fund SocialBoost, which is then shared among the global Meed community, including Corporate Members. Anyone who has had someone join Meed at their invitation earns SocialBoost, every month. The more people your company has had join, the bigger your monthly share, which can be used to improve employee benefit packages, enhance customer offerings or on other such programs—all funded by the Member Banks!

And once we start to build the global Meed community, the whole world can benefit from this trailblazing program.

Become a Meed Extras Partner.

Open your business to the full Meed community.

In addition to the Corporate Member opportunity, you can also join our network of Meed Extras Partners and attract Meed’s highly valuable audience of Millennials and digitally-savvy consumers to your brand, your retail outlets and your e-commerce sites.

Extras Partners can offer exclusive, added-value discounts to the Meed community at a national level. Exclusive marketing campaigns, offers and added value promotions can be communicated directly to Meed users, driving engagement and presenting these new customers with ongoing opportunities for repeat business to drive brand loyalty.

Contact the Meed team.

Request additional information on our Corporate Member and Meed Extras programs, and see how we can help your business.