9 Wedding Tips for Cutting Costs Without Sacrificing Style

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Looking for wedding tips to keep your bank account in the black? Those of us who began dreaming about our wedding day as young children rarely factored our budget into our fantasies. However, as we got older the reality of how much that wedding venue would cost became clear, and many of us were forced to reel in our expectations as a result.

The fact of the matter is, as memorable as your wedding day might be, it is still only just that: a day. It becomes hard to justify costs when the same amount of money could be spent towards a down payment on a house or a college savings plan for future children.

Wedding Tips from Meed

 Luckily, there are lots of easy ways to cut back on costs without sacrificing style. Here are our top nine wedding tips for planning your dream wedding on a budget:

  1. Cut back on floral decorations
    Fresh flowers are enticing and make for great photos, but the costs add up quickly. Couples that opt for in-season flowers or forage their own bouquets will be surprised at their savings, and those who opt to grow centerpieces like succulents instead of hiring a florist have the option of gifting them as wedding favors at the end of the evening.
  1. Digital Invites
    Stationery costs add up quickly, especially for those who include a keepsake with their wedding invites or save-the-dates, such as magnets or photos. We conduct so much of our lives online these days, what’s the harm in sending an invitation by email and saving on postage? You can still send along a photo for guests to keep and your RSVPs will arrive in a more timely fashion.
  1. Limited bar options
    While an open bar might be alluring to guests, the costs can be astronomical. Taking liquor off the menu and serving up beer, wine and champagne instead can make a big difference to your budget. Or get creative with a small mini cocktail menu to cut back on ingredients.
  1. Be mindful which credit card you’re spending on
    It’s a good rule of thumb that you shouldn’t charge more than you can pay back in a month, but you should also take note of the different rewards that come with spending on various cards. Earning points or other incentives while you spend might be the icing on the wedding cake.
  1. Choose an off-season wedding date
    When it comes to venues, there are certain times of year that are guaranteed to be competitive. Not only will you avoid crowds by choosing an off-season date, but venue costs will be lower, giving you bargaining leverage with vendors.
  1. Skip the wedding planner
    Wedding planning can be stressful and many couples hire wedding planners to take some of the pressure off. However, with apps like Wedding Happy, couples can get organized without breaking the bank. If you’re still in need of additional help, hire a day-of coordinator to lend a hand.
  1. Get creative with dessert
    Besides the bride and groom, the wedding cake is the star of the party. Stacked cakes can get expensive though, especially with the array of flavor options offered. Cupcakes get the job done just as well and make for less mess since there’s no cutting involved. Other creative and cost-effective dessert options include cookies or donuts.
  1. Keep tabs on your wedding budget
    Whether you use a mobile banking app or another tool that reminds you of saving goals, it’s important to keep one eye on your bank accounts as costs can add up quickly. Apps like Wedding Budget Calculator do the work for you and allow you to keep your budget in check.
  1. Elope!
    Not every woman dreams of an extravagant wedding day, and if that’s not you, don’t fight it. There’s no shame in doing an intimate ceremony and announcing the news later on with a reception. Be true to yourself, whether that’s indulging in all of the bells and whistles, or sneaking off with your soon-to-be partner alone.

We hope these wedding tips can help you save money for life after the big day! Best wishes!