Is there an overdraft fee?

Our users don’t like overdraft fees, and neither do we, so our Member Banks have eliminated them for Meed users!

How do I pay my monthly Subscription fee?

The monthly subscription fee is automatically deducted from your Checking Account on a monthly basis. If there are insufficient funds in your DDA, the fee will then be deducted from your line of credit.

What are the fees for a Meed Member Bank account?

Meed Member Banks are transparent about all costs associated with your account. The only fees associated with your Meed Member Bank account include:
• A monthly Subscription fee of $9.95.
• A 2% foreign exchange fee (only for international P2P transfers).
• A minimum charge (varies by bank) to cover mailing costs, should you elect to receive paper statements by mail.
• If you lose your debit card, there is a charge for a replacement (varies by bank).
• ATM withdrawals are free when accessing your account from one of your Member Bank’s ATM machines. Your first two monthly ATM withdrawals are free if you are using an ATM outside of those owned by your Member Bank. Additional withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries from ATMs at non Meed Member Banks may be assessed a fee. You may also be charged a fee by the ATM operator or any network used.