Why can’t Meed solve my customer service issues?

In order to protect your privacy and account security, only the Meed Member Bank with which you opened your account has access to your personal and account information. All of your private personal information is controlled and stored at the Member Bank. As a result, only the Member Bank can answer specific questions about your account. We have worked really hard with our Member Banks and your privacy and security is very important to us.  

When will Meed be available in my country?

Meed is working to expand as quickly as possible. Follow Meed on Facebook and Twitter to be amongst the first to know when we launch in new markets.

Is Meed a pyramid scheme/multi-level marketing company?

Absolutely not. First and foremost, Meed’s goal is to connect people with access to Member Banks that offer innovative banking solutions designed for today’s world. SocialBoost™ is designed to create a potential for revenue, based on an interest-sharing model within the Meed Network of Member Banks. This revenue stream is based on creating a global community, should you choose to refer other Meed users. Unlike multi-level marketing initiatives, your network is only comprised of Meed Users you refer directly. It does not employ multi levels of invitees.

What are the services Meed Member Banks offer?

Meed Member Banks offer a Checking Account (paperless checking account), an interest-bearing Security Savings Account, Peer-to-peer (P2P) domestic & international transfers between all Meed users, a secured line of credit, and SocialBoost™. Please refer to the terms and conditions issued by your Meed Member Bank for more information on each of these services.

Can I have a joint account?

Unfortunately, not at this time. If you would like to establish a separate account for a spouse or family member, please refer them using your email address so they can open their own Meed Member Bank account with a Member Bank.

What is Meed?

Meed is a financial technology company that provides access to a global network of Member Banks. Through the Meed Mobile Application you can access your Member Bank account for the services indicated.

What is GlobeOne™?

GlobeOne™ is a worldwide membership organization, committed to improving people’s financial health by providing access to products that support inclusion and financial mobility.