Customer-Focused Initiatives Help Partnerships Between FinTechs and Banks Thrive

Technology has disrupted the financial industry, and banks are no longer in a position to resist these changes. As new Financial Technology (FinTech) services revolutionize our methods for banking, investing, paying bills, and doing business, banks will have to innovate their services to keep customers from defecting. FinTechs aren’t safe in this evolving market either… Read More

Financial Technology Is Overhauling Banking Faster Than We Can Say “Checkbook”

Life Before the Financial Technology Boom With advancements in financial technology (fintech), there’s no denying that banking has become infinitely more convenient over the years. We have the ability to autopay our bills, receive account balance updates to our phones, and no longer are our purses and wallets cluttered with forgotten bank receipts, as they’re… Read More