Credit Card Fraud: How to Protect Yourself from Getting Scammed

Ever experience that feeling of utter panic after discovering you’ve been a victim of credit card fraud? Knowing some stranger has stolen your personal information and accessed your hard-earned money is unsettling, to say the least.

Maybe the person who found your lost credit card decided it was the perfect opportunity for a shopping spree. Or online hackers stole your credit card number while you were booking flights for your family vacation.

Whatever the case may be, you can prevent yourself from being victimized again by arming yourself with the knowledge and tips in the following infographic from CreditLoan. And if you’ve never experienced credit card fraud, use the following information to keep it that way!

As a financial technology, or “fintech” company that has built a financial services app, Meed is abundantly aware of the ever-present threat of security breach. Yet we also recognize the value of cashless and mobile payments for populations around the globe and how important building good credit is to financial health.

The opportunities for credit card fraudsters may be increasing with the rise in cashless transactions, but we believe you can outsmart the scammers by taking measures like those described in the infographic below!

Credit Card Fraud Stats - Protect Yourself from Being Scammed