5 Business Financing Tips from a Philly Burger & Cheesesteak King

Many entrepreneurs need business financing to grow their enterprises. But relatively few experience success in getting it. In fact, 31% of small business owners say they can’t access adequate financing. Why? I called up Josh Kim, Owner of SpOt Gourmet Burgers, to get his opinion. Josh and I met when I worked at The Enterprise… Read More

5 Social Enterprises in Southeast Asia That Are Making the World a Better Place

Southeast Asia is quickly becoming a hotspot for wandering expatriates and ambitious millennials looking to capitalize on the region’s growing support for social enterprises. Vietnam is just one country that’s taking advantage of this trend, and in 2014 the country amended enterprise laws to provide social entrepreneurs with special consideration and the ability to obtain… Read More

Entrepreneur Life Demystified. Is It Really for You?

Ever go on a date with a self-proclaimed entrepreneur? The ring of “entrepreneur” on his or her social media profile sounded sexy and exciting right? It showed ambition. And it meant he or she would soon be raking in millions. Over the past few years, entrepreneurship has become a fad for people of all ages,… Read More