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You just finished a long day at work and you’re exhausted. Even though you know it’s the healthier and often cheaper option, the last thing you want to do is shop for ingredients and then go home to cook a time-consuming dinner. Enter the meal subscription service.

We promote a healthy lifestyle and good money management at GlobeOne and meal subscription services can help you achieve both by saving time and money and offering healthy options.

Hugely popular in America, meal kits containing fresh ingredients and accompanying recipes, from companies such as Blue Apron and Plated in the US, are delivered to consumers’ homes weekly. These kits contain a choice of meals and the fresh ingredients and recipes needed to prepare them.

Count the Bennies

There are a number of benefits to using a meal subscription service. Here are just a few:


Have the meals you want delivered straight to your home every week and avoid the headache of figuring what to make and what to buy at the grocery store.


With a meal delivery service, you purchase only the ingredients you need, which prevents needless waste, which is a problem that plagues many busy people who often don’t have the time or opportunity to use all the ingredients they buy.

Cooking Skills

For those who lack confidence in the kitchen, meal kits offer a convenient way to develop cooking skills at home.


The sheer variety offered by meal subscription services encourages consumers to cook meals they otherwise couldn’t because of a lack of access to rare ingredients. Virtually every type of cuisine is available today.

Healthy Choices

Meal delivery services offer fresh ingredients and tasty, healthy options, making it easier to select meals that are not only great tasting, but also good for you.

Already a hit in America, meal subscription services are taking Europe by storm as well. Companies such as HelloFresh and Marley Spoon have tapped into the meal delivery service trend. Berlin-based HelloFresh offers a weekly meal plan, while Marley Spoon, which operates in the US, UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, lets buyers select their favorite recipes and then delivers the ingredients to them.

Not to be left out is Canada. Some of the meal delivery services gaining fans across the country include: Chefx (Ottawa), The Jolly Table (Calgary) and Chef’s Plate (Toronto), to name only a few.

As meal delivery services expand into other countries, we hope you give them a try.

Bon appetit!