Rocío Cavazos joins Meed as Head of Latin America.

Will Drive Meed’s Launch in Mexico and Expansion Across Central and South America.

Santa Monica, CA – August 2, 2016 – Meed, the Santa Monica-based company committed to bringing socially-conscious innovation to the financial sector, today announced that Rocío Cavazos had joined Meed to head up its operations across Latin America. Ms Cavazos had previously been Head of Credit at Deutsche Bank’s Global Social Finance group, overseeing investments in enterprises serving the base of the socio-economic pyramid in the financial services, energy and health sectors. Her extensive experience in working towards financial inclusion was also gleaned from leadership roles with Banco Amigo, a commercial bank focused on the working class and micro-entrepreneur market in Mexico, as well as Pro Mujer, an international microfinance and women’s development organization operating in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, Mexico and Argentina.

“Rocío’s depth of experience in working across Latin America to further the financial standing of the underserved is going to be of huge value to Meed as we gear up for launch.” said Sunil Sachdev, Meed’s CEO. “From corporate banking in Mexico to micro-finance across the entire region, she has the first-hand knowledge to extend our Member Bank program beyond Mexico and Colombia to the whole continent.”

“The opportunity that Meed represents is a perfect match with my personal and professional aspirations.” said Ms Cavazos. “I’ve spent much of my career so far developing financial inclusion programs for the underserved, especially for women, and I believe the impact Meed will have on their lives will be significant. I’m looking forward to playing my role in the imminent launch in Mexico and driving the subsequent roll-out.”

Meed is gearing up for launch within months across its initial countries of Vietnam, Mexico, U.S. and Canada. With a suite of affordable financial services products from its Member Banks, Meed is targeting the huge segment of people worldwide who are disenfranchised from the current banking system, either by choice or by circumstance. Meed offers a new choice to this generation through its partnership with socially-conscious Member Banks who have aligned behind Meed’s vision of financial mobility for all.

Meed’s innovative mobile app will provide access to Member Banks that offer a demand deposit account, a security savings account, a secured line of credit, domestic and international transfers between Meed users, as well as access to the income-building SocialBoostTM program, which gives users the opportunity to earn a new income stream in return for growing the Meed community. For every $1 earned by Meed users through SocialBoost’s personal community plan, another $1 is returned by the Member Banks to the worldwide Meed community, helping those who need it the most.

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