Meed Launch Exceeds Expectations

Successful Launch Phase Establishes Platform For Market Leading Growth

Santa Monica, CA – March 8, 2017 – Meed’s first few months since launch in Vietnam have been hugely successful, today stated Chief Executive Officer Sunil Sachdev. Meed is already acquiring customers for Maritime Bank at a rate 4X that of the bank’s existing digital platform, which has been established for the past three years.

“We may be only three months into this journey, but already our ability to deliver customers to Maritime Bank in numbers that they have not previously seen has been proven,” said Sachdev. “We’ve tested out both our digital and our event-based acquisition programs and have optimized based on our findings.”

Since its launch at the end of November, Meed has enjoyed exponential growth, and based on this is projecting to hit over 300,000 users in Vietnam alone by year end. Meed’s app has the highest overall consumer rating of Vietnam Banking Applications rated since launch.

The innovative Meed app offers aggregated access to banking, payments, real-time domestic and international money movement, insurance as well as to the global income-building SocialBoostTM program, which gives users the opportunity to earn a new income stream while also helping those users who need it most.
Meed’s next countries for launch are the U.S. and Mexico, with plans to establish a global network of banks and credit unions in 30 countries by 2021.

About Meed
Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Meed provides a new global platform for a community of networked Member Banks, Corporate Members and individual Meed users. The network provides access for users to the Member Banks for their financial services needs, and also provides a solution for financial exclusion and immobility. For more information, visit