Attract and retain digital banking customers.


Introducing a 100% online financial platform connecting banks with a new wave of digital customers.

Connect to the modern banking consumer.

With big banks investing billions of dollars into digital efforts, how can your institution attract new customers and maintain growth? You need to stand out—offer your customers unique features and benefits they won’t find anywhere else.

You need Meed, a global program for banks specifically designed to acquire and retain digital banking customers.

A 100% digital financial platform, Meed was created to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Combining the power of a global network of bank partners, an ecosystem of growth-driving corporate members and one-of-a-kind community referrals through patent-pending SocialBoost, Meed connects your institution to the digital customers your bank needs to keep growing.

How Meed works.

Designed with acquisition and retention in mind.

You are provided with all technology solutions, including a digital banking experience branded to your bank. Acquisition efforts and extensive marketing campaigns run on your behalf are also available.

Your institution owns the relationship with each Member and all associated cross-selling opportunities to maximize your ROI.

Our patent-pending SocialBoost program rewards each Member who grows the Meed community, referring even more new digital customers to your bank.

Continue building your brand, retention programs and more with digital marketing expertise, resources and assets available from our affiliate 6th Street Marketing.

Fast, straightforward implementation.

Keep the focus on growing your institution.

When it comes to boosting business, every second counts. To maximize speed to market while avoiding disruption to your core operations, we have partnered with global technology leaders such as Axxiome and SAP to deliver the Meed platform, supported by state-of-the-art digital Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS). With breakthroughs and updates incorporated by our world-class tech partners on an ongoing basis, your institution will be offering the latest technology to your newly acquired digital banking customers.

This BaaS partnership allows for an implementation under six months from start to launch. It’s built around consumption-based pricing, with expenses very closely synched with revenue. The process is run on a separate platform with full BPO services to minimize business disruptions and significantly lower implementation costs with no need for major capital expenditure.

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