Earn Alongside
Those Who Need It

  • Mobile Financial Services that Give Back
  • You Join our Member Financial Institutions and Refer Friends
  • You Earn Cash Back, And So Does the Global Community
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The SocialBoost Earnings Calculator

The More Friends Who Sign Up, The More Income You Can Earn

Total Estimated: $


This forecast is merely an illustration of estimated SocialBoost income, based on a set of research-based assumptions. So this forecast is NOT a guarantee of your SocialBoost income, and cannot be relied upon as such.


Earn Income While Helping Others Through SocialBoost

How It Works

When your friends open accounts through Member Financial Institutions and join the Global Community, your MFI pays you a share of the interest earned from them and the Global Community. Every Month!

You open an account through a Member Financial Institution and refer your friends.

The more friends you refer and the bigger the Global Community becomes, the larger your income and savings can grow!

When You Earn, The Whole Meed Community Earns

For Each
You Earn From Your Personal Community

is Shared with The Global Meed Community

This Means You Can Earn Alongside
Those Who Need it Most

Everything You Get

Apply to one of our Member Financial Institutions. If approved, get access to:


    Non-interest bearing checking account with Bill Pay, eChecks, and ATM.


    Member Financial Institution mails you a MasterCard, Visa, RuPay or UnionPay Debit Card.


    A Meed-exclusive program that provides an opportunity to earn a residual income stream.


    Interest-bearing account that encourages long-term savings. Withdrawal restrictions until age 59.


    Provides advances tied to your savings account. Advance up to 75% of savings balance.


    Allows users to send/receive funds to/from other Meed users. No fee domestically, no more than a 2% foreign exchange fee internationally.


$9.95 per month

Why Did We Create Meed?
  • The Problem

    We get it, a lot of people don't like the banks. With confusing contracts, hidden fees and stuffy branches it's no wonder that over two billion people worldwide have no formal bank account.


    A lot of other mobile products offer basic banking services, but only through Meed can you earn a recurring income stream. With SocialBoost, you help us spread the word and our Member Financial Institutions will help you earn.


    We created Meed to give individuals of all countries and economic status equal access to innovative tools and financial resources to take control of their future.


    We partnered with only socially conscious Member Financial Institutions. This means that for every $1 you earn from your personal community, the MFIs will also return $1 to the Global Community, allowing you to earn alongside those who need it the most.

Help Others Through SocialBoost

With the same SocialBoost income you’d use to buy a breakfast here in the US, a Meed User in
Bangladesh can buy breakfast for a week. That’s making a meaningful contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you understand our services.

No, Meed is a financial technology company that provides access to a global network of Member Financial Institutions. Through the Meed app you can manage all your essential financial requirements with these MFIs.


The Member Financial Institution that is providing the Meed Financial Services will confirm your application status through the email you provide during the application process.

Like Meed, our Member Financial Institutions are committed to providing financial services without charging lots of unnecessary fees. Their monthly fee is $9.95, no hidden extras. The only additional charge you may encounter is if you send money abroad, where there is a maximum of a 2% FX (foreign exchange) fee per international P2P transfer.

Meed’s Member Financial Institutions make every effort to provide accounts as acceptable by law. While there is never a guarantee of an account approval, every effort is made to accommodate applications wherever possible, and in compliance with law.

We are proud to have partnered with Kony.  Kony is trusted by the world’s largest and most highly regulated companies in industries such as financial services and healthcare, and is committed to the highest levels of security for its enterprise customers. Specifically, Kony products conform to the following security standards:

  • PCI compliance
  • 508 compliance
  • FIPS 140-2 compliance
  • OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities support
  • Security implementation for critical businesses
  • Cross-site scripting prevention technology
  • On-device encryption support

Future Features

We’re all about change…especially changing the way you work with your bank. But to do so we’d love your input and advice, so we’re sharing our roadmap for the future in Vietnam. Feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, complaints. No guarantees, but we PROMISE to do our best.

Near Term

Near Term

Bill Payment
Your personal online payment center.
Pay your bills easily in-app.
Top Up Now Live!
Direct payments for pre-paid phones. Both for yourself and friends and family.
P2P Updates
Add notes and emojis to your P2P money transfers.
Meed on Bike Now Live!
Our team comes to you so you can complete your application at your leisure and not ours.

Medium Term

Medium Term

Card Replacement
In-app request to replace lost or damaged cards.
Email Address Change
Update current user email address in app.
Facebook Invites
Invite friends to join Meed directly from your Facebook address list.
Card Freeze
Freeze/unfreeze Meed card in case misplaced or lost.
International P2P
Receive money from other Meed users anywhere in the world.
Loyalty Program
Meed users get benefits at select Meed approved vendors.

Long Term

Long Term

Pay and be paid on the Meed app.
mVisa P2P
Transfer money in app via P2P mVisa payments.
Split the Bill
Request money from your group to cover the costs.
Facebook P2P
Transfer money from Meed via P2P directly from Facebook.

Any Suggestions? Leave your comments here and we’ll let you know what’s up as we move forward.